The future of individual qualifications for the fire safety industry.

The BAFE Fire Safety Register recently announced their acquisition of the FIA Awarding Organisation.

BAFE are currently establishing FireQual as an independent OFQUAL* approved Awarding Body and setting up the processes to offer the existing fire detection and alarm qualifications. We will also be developing a range of new qualifications to be made available to the wider fire sector. We are currently aiming to commence delivery of exams from 1st November.

Dame Judith Hackitt stated in the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Final Report: “The lack of a coherent approach to competence levels and experience required – or professional qualifications where these may be necessary – and how these qualifications and experience should be evidenced so that they are clearly understood by all those operating within the system.” (5.2)

FireQual, with its OFQUAL approved status, will allow individual qualifications to demonstrate knowledge and skills for their chosen field within the fire safety industry. For clarification, FireQual will be a qualifications and exam body and will not offer training.

FireQual qualifications will indicate that individuals are well trained and knowledgeable in particular services to work within the fire safety sector. This is not to be confused with the BAFE Fire Safety Register however, which provides evidence for the competence of organisations and their Quality Management Systems to provide specific fire safety services. Further information on the BAFE Fire Safety Register can be found here